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Mobile Massage for Hospice and Palliative

I am now offering mobile massage for individuals who are at the end-of-life that are in need of gentle, therapeutic touch. This is specifically for those who are bed/chair bound, or who do not have the energy to make trips out anymore. I do not bring a massage table.

Massage therapy at this stage can be incredibly beneficial for anxiety, depression, pain, compassionate touch, companionship. I can include various modalities into sessions for patients such as gentle massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki, or introductory Craniosacral. I am also happy to include any sort of ritual, such as ceremonial washing, energetic clearing, or anointing of the body.

This offering is by a sliding scale of $80-$100

for 1 hour and is available Monday-Friday.


You will not be able to use the online booking system for this.

Please call me at (252)202-4143 or

email at


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