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My name is Hayley.

I was born in Norfolk, Virginia, raised on the shores of North Carolina, and have lived all over America over the last several years. I am now a resident of this sacred and beautiful  land of Roanoke, VA. I am a Deathworker, Massage Therapist, and a student and initiate of the Hermetic tradition. I specialize in Temple Lomi Lomi and Ceremonial Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue, normalizing and ritualizing death within my work as a doula, and Shamanic energy medicine.

I have been blessed with incredible teachers from various traditions and at present I continue to study under my incredible teacher and shaman, Paul Diamond of Pisac, Peru . I began working with plant medicine in sacred ceremony in South American several years ago and will continue to do so as long as I am alive. My background in Shamanism influences how I approach bodywork and death work. I believe that the mind, body, and physical realm are tightly interconnected and that sickness is multi-faceted and can be influenced by many layers and factors, such as ancestral lines, reincarnational/karmic lines,  the collective conscious, etc. These are the things that I think about when I treat someone.


My grandmother was my first teacher and the work that I do, in a way, tells her story.  She taught me about impermanence, meditation, consciousness, and that we are not these bodies. My grandmother was the wisdom keeper of life and death, and her lessons began early in my childhood. I was always incredibly afraid and aware that I was going to die, and this lasted until college. She was there to guide me. It was only after she died that I was able to integrate it all. She planted seeds for my entire life and when she died, they bloomed. She is who I believe led me here through the mysterious realms beyond Death. I have learned more from her since she has died than I ever thought was possible.

We hold intense emotions within our body because we live in a society that does not know how to express itself. It is my intention to create space for those repressed and stored traumas or emotions to be touched and released. By accessing and working through these stuck holding patterns, we are better able to let go of the adhesions, both mentally and physically, that are holding us back from living a life of connectedness, honesty, and love.

With that being said, the work and intention behind my massage and doula practice is that of embodiment, presence, and transformation. It is my hope to facilitate a safe space for every person–whether you are coming to me for chronic pain or in need of support as you face death. Human beings have the incredible potential for the evolution of consciousness. We do not realize how vast our internal world truly is.

When one masters the MIND, one is the MASTER of reality. Nothing can hurt that which is eternal. While my own mind is far from this, I know that true clarity, wisdom, and stillness is possible. The symbol
that you see in my logo is an ancient symbol, the Hermetic Tree of Life. I have dedicated my life to this. It is a symbol that has its own story--A story of how all things manifest, a story about the journey to God and enlightenment.

Each of us has an innate inner power and space of deep wisdom. When trained properly, these things can be accessed through the Mind, the sacred Mind. Your Mind is a temple. It is a place of safety, knowledge, truth, peace. It is the place of all things and no-thing. I want to do what I can to remind others of this--that your mind can and will heal. The simple fact that you exist means that you are healing.


After many emotional labyrinths, joyful wonders, and breaths--I am here as the person I am now. Still learning, growing, and on my own journey of healing. May the work that I do help others to feel empowered and seen. May the shadows and pain that every human carries be transformed into wisdom and wholeness.


Thank you for your trust. May my medicine be a lighthouse for those who seek it.


Experience and Education:

~International End of Life Doula Association, Doula Training, 2017.

~Quality of Life Care services, 2018.

~Kindred Hospice: Companion Care, 2018-2020.

~No One Dies Alone, Volunteer Training, 2019.

~A Sacred Passing, Levels I & II Doula Training, 2019. 2020.

~Upaya  Zen Institute, Love and Death, workshop with Roshi Joan Halifax, 2019. 

~The Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death, certificates of achievement: Shadow Work and World Religions. 

~Conscious Dying Institute, Sacred Passage Doula and Coach Certification, 2020.

~University of Vermont, Doula Certification, 2020.

~Reiki Master, Inner Peace Reiki, 2021

~Sacred Roots School of Massage 2022

~Manual Lymphatic Drainage Cert. August 2022

~Advanced Cervical treatment Sept 2022

~Advanced Lomi Lomi April 2023

-Tantraya Ayahuasca Center, Ritual and Ceremonial Magic February 2023-present

~Temple Lomi Lomi October 2023

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