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Shamanic Medicine

Shamanic Energy Medicine 90 minutes

(donation based until further notice )

This is currently offered on my private property just on the outskirts of Roanoke, nestled between two mountains and river. Our sessions together will involve working with the elements, the spirits of the land, and your own ancestors, guides, and inner wisom. Together we will utilize the river, the mountains, the wind, and fire with the intention of fostering an alchemical process to support your internal work while also receiving bodywork and energy work. Sessions can include the use of the drum, mapacho, chimes, crystal bowls, chanting, and/or rattles to clear blockages within the energetic system. Your  clothes can be on or off depending on your preference and if you want muscular work done or not, as well as an optional and complementary Hape’ ceremony to close and energize you for your day. (See below if you are unfamiliar with Hape.)

In  the Haitian Voudou tradition, they say that the spirit of the forest is called Gran Bwa. He is the father of the forest and a divine healer. The work we do together is alongside the spirit of the land that holds us. I encourage you to bring a journal for afterwards if you wish. You are welcome to spend time after our session by the river or on the back of the property in private. The elements have many things to teach and say to us. Tea and a light snack will be provided afterwards.

 At the moment, my “office” will either be outside or in an enclosed porch. I am currently in the middle of cultivating a rustic and enclosed yurt space. In the meantime, this is by donation.


I humbly offer this bodywork from the teachers that have blessed my life. Some of what I incorporate during these sessions are from what I have learned in physical ceremony with Peruvian and Colombian teachers, other aspects are from teachers of Spirit, and the rest is intuitive and self-guided. I am by no means a Shaman, but a devoted student of Spirit, Nature and all that is unseen. These sessions, to me, are prayers, tailored between the reciprocity of our combined energies. I honor the ripples from my teachers and the ways in which they impact this work, as well as the spirits of this land who permit it. I am honored and humbled to work you in this liminal space.










Rapéh Ceremony $60 1 Hour 

Rapéh or Ha-peh is a sacred and legal herbal snuff from the indigenous peoples of the forest.

This medicine is used to clear and align the mind, increase awareness and perception, and is also a purgative of the body, thoughts, soul. It is made from tobacco leaves, tree ash, and various herbs depending on the tribe and location of harvesting.

This ceremony includes opening sacred space with elements and spirits of the land, smoke and mapacho cleansing, and working with your intentions. You will be given time to ground and center as needed.

This snuff is administered by the practitioner through the nose using an applicator called a tepi. This medicine does not have psychoactive effects, but you will feel a burst of energy lasting from 5-20 minutes. It is quite powerful at clearing energetically and physically. After ceremony will be ready to tend to the rest of your day.

This is a major part of South American culture. I honor the traditional background of this medicine as well as the the existing ancestors who keep these traditions alive and who share their wisdom with others.


more info coming soon. Kambo services expected June 2025.

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