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Shamanic Bodywork

Bodywork as prayer

  • 1 hour
  • 500 N Higgins Ave Room 208B

Service Description

I want to first and foremost state that I am not a Shaman--I am simply a practitioner who walks a shamanic path. I humbly offer this practice from the wisdom of my teachers and ancestors. These sessions are a reflection of my background with ceremonies in South America, Tibetan Buddhism, and Western Hermetics. This style of bodywork is a blend of massage, energy work, and sound healing. It is based around your intention and the calling in of your well ancestors, sacred ones, and Spirit. I begin session by opening a door for these helper spirits to come in, as well as the elements, and the spirits of the four directions. In combination with my own helper spirits, the space facilitates an alliance that allows your well ancestors and helper spirits to show up and work through me. I just simply listen. This shows up, usually, in the form of prayer, song/chanting, and the use of instruments to break up and scatter stuck energy that might be in your physical body or aura. My intention as a practitioner is to work with not only the physical body and its layers of muscles and tissues--but also the subtle body, which also has its own layers. It is composed of your body as it is right now, your ancestors/blood/lineage, the collective trauma, and that of karmic residue from previous lifetimes. These subtle energies can get clogged in our body and this can manifest as various ailments or mental patterns. These sessions, to me, are prayers, tailored between the reciprocity of our combined energies. I honor the ripples from the teachers I have been blessed to study with and how they impact this work, as well as the spirits of this land who permit it. I am honored and humbled to work you in this liminal space.

Cancellation Policy

Please allow a 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule.

Contact Details


500 North Higgins Avenue, Missoula, MT, USA

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